In the beginning

I need to start from the beginning. I have 13 years of bottled up emotions and I need to work through them. I need to set the scene in order for you to understand how and where i am today.  My ex husband and I started dating and within 3 months I fell pregnant. And this is where my 13 years of an emotional rollercoaster started. He wanted nothing to do with the pregnancy and wanted me to abort. I couldn’t go through with it after hearing my baby’s heartbeat at 8weeks! I was instantly in love with the “blob”. Don’t get me wrong, his son is his life now and I am in awe on what an awesome parent he has turned out to be.

We got back together just before the birth of our son. Broke up after 3 months. Got back together when our son was just over a year. Broke up 2years later. Back together after a year. Broke up again. Got back together. Bought a house together. Broke up. Got back together. Got engaged, almost got divorced. Got back together and then got finally divorced 2 years back. You get the drift??

So these blogs will be about my daily emotions to help me work through my “demons” and find peace within myself, find forgiveness for myself and find God again.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you 💓


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